image ”omigallifrey clara stop it with the hugging that is soo last regeneration you know that im scottish now and cant show affection what are you 12 oh wait no thats me”

Question: Why do we talk out loud hen we know we’re alone?

Conjecture: Because we know we’re not

The Doctor being creepy as fuck (via you-black-eyed-skank)
As if Doctor Who hasn’t made me afraid of too many things already, this little shit appears
fandom: hey moffat
moffat: uh-huh
fandom: you know that thing you do sometimes where the doctor meets a companion as a child and leaves a life-long impression on them
moffat: uh-huh
fandom: that's a teeny bit weird
moffat: uh-huh
fandom: could you do something different
moffat: *writes an episode where the companion meets the doctor as a child and leaves a life-long impression on him*
moffat: so what do you think
Clara Oswald:


"I’ve been to Gallifrey twice and all I’ve seen is a stupid barn."

The deep and lovely dark…you would never see the stars without it.

The Doctor in Listen

(my favorite quote from the whole episode)


Listen is basically the story about how 12 got bored, invented an enemy and freaked himself out

clara + her future

Twelve’s first words upon awaking in “Listen” were the Fourth Doctor’s first words after regenerating.